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How To Download Music On iPHONE Without Computer! iOS

Today I'm going to show you how you can download music on your iPhone. Completely free on AOS 13. And yes, this tutorial basically is only for us 13. But I'm going to also show you some alternative ways, not so convenient ways, but still a ways. There are working on the AOS 12 and below. So keep watching. Are you going to see that down the road? But yeah, let's go ahead and get to that circle, guys.


Let me show you how you can do that on Iowas 13 right now. Okay. So where I said I was 13 because Apple final listen to us and gave us a full fledged download manager for the safari browser on iOS 13. And now you can download any type of files onto your device without any third-party solutions. So in this case, we're going to try to download no copyrighted music. And of course, this tutorial is only for educational purposes.


And this kind of music, the you know, copyright music is available for free on the Internet for every user without any limitations. So, yeah, you basically just search for any Web sites where you like to download music from. And then just select the file in AMPA three or just click the download button and button wherever a button here on this Web site. For example, we just need to click on this track and then we'll get this kind of prompts.


This is the native one from the AOS. Click on download and they'll download should it be up here. So if we cycle it closely, as you can see, there is our download progress and stuff. And right now, after it finishes downloading, I'm going to show you guys how you can import that into one of the coolest players on the Appstore. Okay, so the file finished downloading and we can proceed now to depart number two of this tutorial.


So once the downloaded is called back to the home screen, click on the app store and now search for that's music player because obviously we need that music player for playing that kind of music. And this one is called melodist the music. It's one of the best players out there. And of course, I'm going to have the link for it down below for you guys in description. So to worry about that's just click on download. That's. And now we need to actually go ahead and launch it from here.


And I'll click on this cloud button in the top right corner and then click on the file zap. So for I was 12 users, you can actually imports media from other sources such as the Dropbox or Google Drive or even i-Tunes from your computer. So this is also available for Iowas 12 and 13 users. But for now, we're just going to focus on the files because we're now making this trail more for the AOS 13 users. So click on files app and then we're going to try to find that music.


So it's this one and it should be somewhere up here. So, yeah, as you can see, the music has been imported. Now you can finally just go ahead and play. That's just click on the track. You want to listen. And of course, that should be playing. So apart from that, of course, that supports the lockscreen controls as well as the background player. So you don't need to keep your iPhone like that. You can just put it like that and then it's gonna be playing.


So you can just click on play up here, you know, play pause and then skip through the songs and stuff like this. So it's a full player available to you so you can play any tracks up here. And you guys think that should be pretty much it for today? If you guys like. That's kind of a music player. Definitely be sure to hit the like button so there'll be super much appreciated. And also, let me know in the comments below, what would you like to see next in this player.


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