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6 Tips to flirt with a woman that works

six tips to flirt with a woman that work it may be that too many people flirt sounds like something exclusive to the female sex but let me tell you that it is not like that you'll see that no man will want to miss some tips to flirt a woman although there are women who become experts in flirting since high school men seem not to understand it at all there are even those who fail to understand it in all their lives.


but I have good news for you even if you are not a person who has given this in a natural way you can do it with the proper guidance and practice so here are seven tips to flirt with a woman.


one be strategic by this I do not mean that you plan a series of complex steps to kidnap her and force her to go out with you when I talk about tips to flirt a woman I mean discreet things that women know how to detect very well the only thing you have to do is locate the girl and locate yourself in a strategic place that allows you to get to make eye contact in a discreet comfortable and casual way imagine how disturbing it could be for her to surprise you by turning her head 180 now we go for the two tips to flirt with a woman that everyone knows but few apply well


2 visual contact whenever you talk about tips to flirt with a woman you will talk about the visual contact because that is where you start since you have your respective front-row seat the next thing is to get eye contact here are two important points to take into account duration make sure you keep eye contact enough between 2 and 3 seconds could work if the contact is too short it could go unnoticed and if you do not get a visual connection with her at the first opportunities she could easily lose interest and forget that you are there intent make sure your eyes do not make her believe that she owes you money accompany your eyes with a nice or soft gesture or she might think you want to kick her ass


3 smile this is one of the tips for flirting with a woman that may make you think to tell me something I do not know I know everyone knows it but even so, some cannot deal with grief and never smile one option to use it is to laugh with your friends and turn to see her as if you were dedicating her the moment.


4 have fun and follow the flow there is nothing that keeps women more away than being in a bar with your friends without speaking with the face of perverts watching them and wishing you could talk to one of them so make sure that whatever you're doing we're having a good time being comfortable and fun will put you in a favorable mood for the connection plus you will look more social pleasant and attractive if for some reason the first attempt you make fails simply go and talk to someone else.


Five take care of what your body says to ask for help to your body handle the tone of your voice to be more serious and resonant speak slower but more cadenced and make sure you walk upright do not cross your arms and adopt poses of power to project security someone told me once there are no tips to flirt with a woman that works the problem was that despite following the advice he failed to reflect security in his body language and that made the girls realize that he was just pretending.


 Six play with her when talking to her instead of abusing compliments play with her ever want to slap you and kiss you at the same time how being arrogant and fun you can start a conversation like this I'm glad I found you to be honest my friends talk about their girlfriends and how much they love them already made me pretty bored and I needed a bit of bachelor conversation maybe you have not noticed but discreetly you have told her that you think she is single in this way she will ask herself why do you think I'm single don't you find me attractive to have a boyfriend the point is to show her your interest but pretend that it is she who has an interest in you.


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U'khand Police search for sex-racket kingpins in Delhi

The Uttarakhand Police have extended their nets up to the national capital in its search for 'white-collared" kingpins of a high profile sex racket that was busted in the hill state.


Dehradun police though have been carrying out the probe without the knowledge of their Delhi counterparts, sources said.


On Wednesday night, some plain-clothed Uttarakhand Police personnel were seen roaming in the capital, besides scouring through the National Capital Reigion cities that fall under Uttar Pradesh and Haryana.


A few days ago, Dehradun police had busted a high-profile sex racket following which many girls involved in prostitution were arrested along with their touts. A criminal case was registered at Rajpur police station in the state capital.


Certain details and information revealed by those arrested, have put several areas of the national capital under the scanner. Some of those girls arrested then belonged to Delhi.


These girls were sent to several hotels and guest houses in Dehradun from Delhi by the brokers. The cost for a night was fixed somewhere between Rs 10,000 to 20,000. The girls used to travel from Delhi to Dehradun in expensive cars, on special orders.


On learning that the girls made that kind of an income for a single night stay, the police suspected the involvement of big names in the racket.


According to Rajpur police station sources: "From the information gathered from the girls and their touts, it seems some white-collared people of Delhi and Uttarakhand are also directly and indirectly involved in this illegal trade."


Tracing those white-collared people "is very important" for the Dehradun Police as they aim to end the racket, sources said.


The course of investigation shifted to Delhi as soon Dehradun police arrested the call girls. However, since the issue had already drawn much media attention, Uttarakhand Police waited for the "appropriate time" to visit Delhi and restart its probe.


Why Delhi Police's assistance was not sought to reach to the people, associated with this racket?


Replying to this, a police officer from Dehradun on the condition of anonymity said: "Right now, we are trying to connects dots... If we find something concrete in Delhi or in adjoining cities in Uttar Pradesh and Haryana, or if we feel there is a need to conduct raids there, and arrest some individuals, we may consider approaching the local (Delhi) police for their help."


Another police source, again on condition of anonymity, said: "If we get hold of more brokers and call girls in Mahipalpur who are involved in this racket, the investigation would pick some pace. It's not a matter of surprise that several 'white collared' and rich people are promoting this 'business'."


A senior police officer of Dehradun had first disclosed that officers of Rajpur police station have busted a high profile sex racket.


Dehradun Police had then said that some taxi drivers were also involved in this racket, The police were reportedly stunned when the Escorts, during questioning, revealed their charges for a single night.


Currently, Dehradun Police are in search of a "big name" to expose all the white-collar suspects.

Jonita Gandhi: It's always fun working with Badshah

Jonita Gandhi is happy with the response to her latest track 'Top Tucker'.

The singer has collaborated with the musician Badshah for the track and her experience has been wonderful.

Talking to IANS, Jonita said, "It's always fun working with Badshah. He's super chill and easy to work with! This time I recorded this song at my home studio, so we didn't meet in person, but we already have a rapport from before so it was easy to work remotely."

Further elaborating on the collaboration, she said: "It all happened so quickly! Unfortunately I wasn't able to join the rest of the team to shoot in Chandigarh as I was in the mid season shooting for Taare Zameen Par but I'm so glad to be part of this song! Shoutout to Badshah for calling me on board!"

Talking about the track, which features actress Rashmika Mandana, the singer says, "The vibe on this track is super festive and made the whole process even more fun! I love singing in Tamil and I'm so happy I was able to sing a mix of Tamil, Hindi and English on this one."

Besides Top Tucker, Jonita had two other releases on Friday. Her Tamil track 'Arakkiye' and Punjabi track 'Kya Baat Aa' also reached music lovers on the same day.

At the end of 2020, Jonita released a festive holiday track, 'This Christmas', and also recreated an English version of 'Kaun Tujhe' with UK's Arjun. The year wrapped with the release of 'Jheeni Jheeni' from Salim-Sulaiman's long awaited project 'Bhoomi 2.0' where Jonita has sung in collaboration with Swaroop Khan.


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Parineeti Chopra: As an actress I'm privileged I can sing

Actress Parineeti Chopra is out with her third song, Matlabi yariyan unplugged, which features in her forthcoming film The Girl On The Train. She feels privileged to be an actress who she can sing.

"I love singing and sing at whatever opportunity I get. Today, as an actress, I am just privileged that I can sing, I have the opportunity and I get a chance to sing behind a mic and have the world to hear it. So, when I had heard this song back in London one and half years ago when we were shooting it, Ribhu and I had discussed that we would do a version in my voice." Parineeti said.

The song has been composed by Vipin Patwa, and Kumaar has written the lyrics.

"I am so glad that I got to do it. People have given love to (her earlier songs) Maana ke hum yaar nahin (in the film Meri Pyaari Bindu) as well as Teri mitti in Kesari. So, I hope it's third time lucky for me as well," she added.

The film is an official Hindi remake of the Hollywood thriller The Girl On The Train, which is based on Paula Hawkins' 2015 bestseller of the same name. The Hollywood version by Tate Taylor featured Emily Blunt in the lead role.

The Hindi remake follows the story of Meera (Parineeti), who fixates on the perfect lives of a couple she watches from afar during her daily train commutes. One day, she witnesses something out of the ordinary that shocks her. The film also stars Aditi Rao Hydari, Kirti Kulhari and Avinash Tiwary.

The Ribhu Dasgupta directorial premieres on February 26 on Netflix.


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Sony WH-CH710N: Affordable AI-driven noise cancelling headphones

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all-pervasive and has a distinct role to play in noise-cancelling devices and mind you, there is hell lot of technology and science involved in making perfect noise cancelling wearables.

Artificial Intelligence Noise cancellation (AINC) technology in Sony WH-CH710N headphones constantly analyses environmental ambient sound components, and automatically selects the most effective noise cancelling mode for users' surroundings.

Available for Rs 9,990 in India, the headphones are yet another addition to the affordable list of products from the Japanese tech giant.

Here is what we feel after using the latest Sony product for a couple of days.

In terms of design, the headphones scores decent marks. It features the trademark Sony headset look.

There is hardly any metal on this wearable. The ear cups are comfortable and one can easily enjoy music for 3 to 4 hours without any issue. The headphones are also quite light.

The bottom edges of the earcups house all the buttons and ports. The left ear cup offers the power/pairing button, with the USB-C charging port and 3.5mm port. On the right, there is a volume rocker and the pause button.

There is another button to switch on ambient sound and this also activates noise cancelling.

The pause button on the long press brings up the voice assistant.

The headset uses microphones on the outside to analyse and cancel out the ambient noise. One can also have noise-canceling either fully on or off.

There is also an ambient mode that lets users listen to surrounding sound by piping in certain frequencies through the speakers while still reducing some of the noise.

We found the noise-canceling performance pretty good.

The Sony WH-CH710N supports Bluetooth 5.0 with NFC. It connects with previously paired devices as soon as you turn it on, which is convenient. Bluetooth connectivity works well under its operating range.

Be it low, medium or high volumes, the output was clear and vibrant. The audio output was also well-balanced.

While playing Call of Duty, the sound of footsteps, gunshots or the conversation was loud and clear. The microphone performed well and was good enough while making phone calls or just in-game chats.

However, the wearable was average in terms of comfort, neither plush nor particularly deep, although it has soft and oval shaped earpads.

The CH710N claims a rated battery life of 35 hours and an hour of use after just 10-minutes of charge. Well, it was just about there.

Conclusion: Sony WH-CH710N comes with wireless connectivity, AI-driven noise cancelling and good audio quality at a reasonable price point.



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How to Get Any Ringtone for Free!

Today I'm going to be showing you guys how to get any ringtone for free or any part of a song, even if the ringtone isn't in the apps or just part of a song that you like. You can still put it as your ringtone using this trick here. All right, guys. So to do this, you're going to need to have two apps.


They're both free from the app store. So the first one is documents and the second one is garage band. Garage band usually comes installed on iPhones, I'm pretty sure. But documents you'll just have to get from the app store, which is free. It doesn't cost you anything to do. So you're going to go to YouTube and find the song that you want.


After you find the song you want, you're just going to hit the share button and then copy the link. Then you're going to want to go back into documents and on the bottom, right in the little safari tab on the top, you are all you're going to type in convertor and I think it's the first or second one.


Just click until you get the page that looks like this one and then you're gonna paste the link and convert it and then we're gonna download it instead of it being two documents or download.


We're gonna change that to go to club.


And then if we tap the little arrow, we can see how much it's downloaded so far. So once that's downloaded, then we're going to go into the and we're going to add a new one and we're going to do an audio recording. So at the top, when you see the little brick wall, we're gonna tap that. And then at the top, right, we're going to hit that little loop and we're going to go to files. And the thing that we imported should show up here.


If it doesn't show up here, you can hit browse items from the files up and then it should show up here. So you want to fall down on the song and then bring it to the beginning of your GarageBand and the file will import.


And then you can cut it down to where you want it to a certain.


OK, so I've cut myself down to where I wanted to start. And I'm just going to turn off a little metronome at the top so it doesn't have that little tick in there. So after that, we're going to hit my songs and we'll save after we have saved. We're going to go to browse. We are going to hit I Cloud Tri Garage Band. And then this one that I made just now is called my song Six. So we're going to go select Tappet and then we're going to hit the up arrow.


So we're going to hit ringtone and then we can rename it the name of the song. I'm just going to call it ten thousand hours and then we're going to export.


Then you sound as standard ringtone. Then if we go into settings and check. It should say ten thousand hours for the ringtone. So this is a good way if you don't want to have to spend a dollar on a ring tone or, you know, you're going to want to change it soon anyways. I'm honestly not sure if this works on Android phones. I've only tried it on Apple because the only technology brand I really use is Apple.


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How To Download Music On iPHONE Without Computer! iOS

Today I'm going to show you how you can download music on your iPhone. Completely free on AOS 13. And yes, this tutorial basically is only for us 13. But I'm going to also show you some alternative ways, not so convenient ways, but still a ways. There are working on the AOS 12 and below. So keep watching. Are you going to see that down the road? But yeah, let's go ahead and get to that circle, guys.


Let me show you how you can do that on Iowas 13 right now. Okay. So where I said I was 13 because Apple final listen to us and gave us a full fledged download manager for the safari browser on iOS 13. And now you can download any type of files onto your device without any third-party solutions. So in this case, we're going to try to download no copyrighted music. And of course, this tutorial is only for educational purposes.


And this kind of music, the you know, copyright music is available for free on the Internet for every user without any limitations. So, yeah, you basically just search for any Web sites where you like to download music from. And then just select the file in AMPA three or just click the download button and button wherever a button here on this Web site. For example, we just need to click on this track and then we'll get this kind of prompts.


This is the native one from the AOS. Click on download and they'll download should it be up here. So if we cycle it closely, as you can see, there is our download progress and stuff. And right now, after it finishes downloading, I'm going to show you guys how you can import that into one of the coolest players on the Appstore. Okay, so the file finished downloading and we can proceed now to depart number two of this tutorial.


So once the downloaded is called back to the home screen, click on the app store and now search for that's music player because obviously we need that music player for playing that kind of music. And this one is called melodist the music. It's one of the best players out there. And of course, I'm going to have the link for it down below for you guys in description. So to worry about that's just click on download. That's. And now we need to actually go ahead and launch it from here.


And I'll click on this cloud button in the top right corner and then click on the file zap. So for I was 12 users, you can actually imports media from other sources such as the Dropbox or Google Drive or even i-Tunes from your computer. So this is also available for Iowas 12 and 13 users. But for now, we're just going to focus on the files because we're now making this trail more for the AOS 13 users. So click on files app and then we're going to try to find that music.


So it's this one and it should be somewhere up here. So, yeah, as you can see, the music has been imported. Now you can finally just go ahead and play. That's just click on the track. You want to listen. And of course, that should be playing. So apart from that, of course, that supports the lockscreen controls as well as the background player. So you don't need to keep your iPhone like that. You can just put it like that and then it's gonna be playing.


So you can just click on play up here, you know, play pause and then skip through the songs and stuff like this. So it's a full player available to you so you can play any tracks up here. And you guys think that should be pretty much it for today? If you guys like. That's kind of a music player. Definitely be sure to hit the like button so there'll be super much appreciated. And also, let me know in the comments below, what would you like to see next in this player.


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How To Make Henna Mehendi Design

Hey guys and welcome back to my channel so today I'm going to be doing a video on something that I personally am very passionate about and that is henna designs and henna and not everything so basically today I'm going to be showing you how to make this henna mehendi design right here which is super simple and perfect for beginners.


I was once a beginner so I would know so yeah if you're interested and you want to learn how to make this just watching oh yeah so the way I'm going to begin to this design is with a flower because this is how I always begin my designs. I just feel like the hardest part of making a design a henna mehendi design or any piece of art is the beginning.

So, I use this and I think everybody should find a way to begin their Hana designs or you can just use this one and then I'm making this thing that I discovered recently which is kind of like flat petals I don't really know but I just think it looks good and it just gives a nice frame to the flower.


And now I'm going to go ahead and make a circle around that flower and here I'm going to go around and just do some more petals I'm going to do two rounds of this just because it's pretty and it's very simple and now I chose these petals because they are the easiest to make. I don't know why but every time I make them they just fit around perfectly and I never have like one petal smaller than the other if you know what I'm trying to say and yeah they just look very nice and I began doing henna with a different kind of petal.


But I found that these ones are the best for beginning and this other part I'm just like really speeding up because that's just the miniature or the other flower and I'm going and just doing some twirls on my finger because I like how it looks I always like a design that goes up my finger like that I know and then I thought that I felt like there was a little bit too much space there so I did got and now we're going to be balancing out the picture or the drawing on the other side of my hand and just kind of like making a copy of what I did on my finger but smaller obviously just to make everything match I'm going to be shading every single petal which basically for this you're just going to be well coffee what I'm doing right there and yeah it just really really gives the drawing a lot more detail and makes it look a lot more complicated and harder than it it really is so yeah and I guess that's it I hope you enjoyed and if you did give me a thumbs up.


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How to download music on iPhone

Today, we're gonna be talking about how to download music from YouTube, right? Fermor iPhones. Now, first, we have to change some settings. Go to your settings and find safari. Click on that and scroll down, find downloads. All right. There are two options here. I drive and on my iPhone this time I'm going to be beging on my iPhone and I'm going to click on other because I want to be more specific with my downloads folder spic and hit on Dunn.


All right. We're done here. So this time we're going to go to YouTube now, find some non copyrighted or free music. I'm going to be picking some music from Joe Keem Crude. OK, so I'm going to choose this music and we're going to click on a share and we're gonna copy the link. So hit on a copy link. All right. Now we're done here. Go to your safari app. The address bar type y TMB three dot Ceecee and paste the copied link on the textbox.


He didn't convert after that. He didn't download. All right. Now there's a pop up right here. We're going to click on Download. For you to check the status of your download, click on the icon next to the address bar as shown here and I think. Her download has been completed already. All right, now let's go to our files. Hey, click on that and click on my iPhone. All right. Click on downloads. And right now, our audio file is listed on the downloads folder.


No, we can not play music here continuously. So what we're gonna do, we're gonna transfer this one to an app called Ever Music. So just long tab and click on share and on the set of icons here. Just go to the right most part of it. Click on more, scroll down a little bit and copy to music. Now that specific music will be listed in this app. Ever music. I'll be posting a separate video on how to master ever music.


So stay tuned for that. If you haven't subscribed to the channel already, please do consider subscribing and click on the notification bill icon. Sue. You will get notified whenever I post new tutorials and videos here in my channel. I think that's much about it. This has been J.B. and see you again on another video.


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Automatically Clean Your Itunes Library

If you own a closet full of garments, you know exactly what it's like to have a mess that should be sorted and cleaned up. Well, your music collection is no different. Too many Punjabi songs and Hindi Songs that you have aren't tagged properly, many are missing artist names and album names, some may have track titles that were wrong and most may have no album artwork. This could take weeks of work, to say the least, if you was to attempt to clean up your music collection manually. The way is to execute an effective and quick and hassle free iTunes cleanup.


Do a backup of your iTunes library Publish the music you don't wish to maintain Do a manual deletion of duplicates use applications to remove bulk duplicates, particularly whether you have a massive library Remove deleted files that stay listed on your library Whenever your library is free from duplicates and deleted files, you can convert and backup to MP3 Fix meta data or info, incorrect song titles or album information - attempt fixing one record or folder at one time and saving on your backup Publish your iTunes library after making sure your back-up above Sort out and upgrade your album art.


You might opt to go the way of subscribing into a software. Enter Tune Up your own music's new best friend, as some refer into it. The TuneUp iTunes cleaning product can be subscribed to free from cost, cleaning up to 500 songs. The TuneUp iTunes plug-in is by far the simplest method to clean up all the patchy and scattered info in your iTunes. All you need to do is drag and drop tunes into TuneUp.


How does the TuneUp iTunes cleanup work? Remembering this every piece of music, no matter of what source, contains a sure audio signature, TuneUp will then comparing that signature with the on-line music database Gracenote'. It'll then retrieve all the details and record art about the song and to put it simply it in iTunes. TidySongs is another automatic cleanup tool that will alleviate the painful manual process of going through one song at a time to fix the missing info on your song list. If you decide to go this route, all you need into do is into download the TidySongs application. Since it's an AIR application download, when the download is finished, you'll end up with a ZIP file on your own desktop. Once unzipped, the application is ready into be launched. Just a note of caution if you choose to take benefit of TidySongs: once you launch the application, make sure your own local iTunes application is running and not engaged with some alternative activities, for instance, synching to your own iPod, iPhone or other audio players or downloading of podcasts.


Download Free Music Online in 2020

So if you're a creator looking to Tik Tok ringtoneTamil songs download for free and use the songs in your YouTube videos, you need to make sure not only that it's free to download, but it also is royalty free. If you are looking for free music to use in your YouTube videos, that's also 100 percent royalty free. Click this link here.


I made a video about that and how to explain it and where you can go.


Trusted sites on how to get royalty free music to use in your YouTube videos.

But this video specifically, let's just talk about where you can download music for free online. When you download music for free online, you can guarantee right away that you will not be able to download any mainstream pop music.


If you find sites that you're able to download happy birthday songsBollywood love mashup songs, you know, post Malone, all these mean popular artists. If you're getting free downloads of this song, you are on an illegal site.


So that's just your call there.


If these artists are signed to real major labels and they are going to collect every single penny in royalty out there for all the music you're going to download for free online will be likely independent music and not mainstream music. And there's still a ton of great music out there where you download for free. First site where you can download music for free is SoundCloud.


SoundCloud is very different than something like Spotify or Apple Music, where SoundCloud hosts a lot of a lot more independent music than Spotify or Apple Music would because they give creators the opportunity to upload music for free to their platform.


Let's just type in alternate alternative music. Alternative music. And we can see, you know, maybe we follow some people we already like.


Maybe you're interested in this. This this guy. Maybe you're interested in this guy. Let's go to Ryan Johnson.


We can potentially see that Ryan Johnson's music is available for free download if it's not.


We have the option to send a message over here in this little corner.


We have the mailbox and we can say, hey, Ryan, love your music.


Do you mind if I can download it for free so I can listen to it on my iPod when I'm going to the train or whatever? Ryan might say, no way. You have to pay for that. Or you might say, yeah, here it is. Tell your friends about it. I'm up for that free awareness. The second way to download music for free online would be YouTube channels.


There are a few YouTube channels that I recommend to other creators because their royalty free music as well.


Two channels like Trappe Nation are really good, especially Trappe Nation. If you're into hip hop urban rap music, really, really great for that top here. And also go to one called audio library, audio libraries, a great place to download music for free online.


Let's just say you're really into electronic dance music and you don't want to pay for it. While you can go to audio library and download music, download that music for free and just have it in your pocket on your phone listening to it whenever. So a great place to find free music for download. So how do you actually download the music play?


Okay. Let's say you interested in this song called Sunflower? Okay. Let's go to the video specifically and we can see in the description where we can download it. So if a free download or stream where we can just click this link and that will bring us to a download link.


If there is no link, you can use a YouTube download or software or something like for Kate Downloader.


Most of the time there is a download link in that YouTube video.


Side note, if you want to go as far as using that in a YouTube video of yourself, you will have to give credit to the creator in your own video description.


More on that in my readers video where you can find right here another YouTube channel that is also really good is just called No Copyright Sounds.


So go check out those YouTube channels and see if you're into that music and go download that music for free. Let's get into the next why music?


And we can go to why music dot io and see here it is only available for Android.


So sorry about that. All you iPhone users. I'm an iPhone user. I typically don't use any of these sites. I find them very cheap and borderline illegal because you have the option to download pop music and have that on your phone as an MP.


They are options to download music for free online. So the first one would be why music second?


And here is called phyllo. Same exact thing. We had filled up a B.K. Audio Android application. It's an option to download music mostly from YouTube.


Mostly just gonna scrape the audio from YouTube videos to the first three are definitely my favorite where you can download music for free online. Let's debate in the comments, though. Let me know what you think. If I'm missing any other sites that you think are valuable to download music for free online.


Mehendi Tips For Bride To Be Wedding Series

Hi, guys. Welcome back to my Bride Mehendi again, we have started with this wedding Series. And I know you all love my amazing seniors a lot. So this is waiting for 2009. Themes for stopping with Jeff Beck is Mehendi. So let’s get started.


So today, as we do, I’m going to talk about all that dos and don’ts you should follow by picking up the best Mehendi Designer. for yourselves now. There are many things which you should keep it in mind. Um, you know, some I will be just revising.


So the first thing is a book in advance because, you know, in India marriage, he then comes after likes August or September, all festival season comes that day and your Mehendi Artists should be booked in advance. So please, please, please do that. The second is to research our Lord. Nowadays, Instagram gives you a good option that’s just dialed into so many apps, so many places where you can search for a good Mehendi wala also a trial is very important.


Make sure that you do a trial designed to warn just Pinterest. Check Pinterest for designs you want so that you could. Sure. That trend which is going on and that will be really very, very helpful. Now, I know the point is, please, this is really very important because this has happened to me in my Nolfi marriage. Like when I relatives’ marriage and I had applied Mehendi. Now, I didn’t mean what chemicals did they use.


The second day my full face was swollen up like four, five to six days. I was totally on antibiotics and allergy pills and all just because my face was fully swollen up. And the WHO like the marriage ban ceremony. My facelessness blando. You know, I have faith that and I’ll always keep it in mind to check their composition or, you know, whatever chemicals they bought, just strictly check do it, do a patch test. And that’s really very, very important these days.


So I know 10 20 that I like. It can go unlimited and please set your budget for it. I would recommend you to better go for something which is very affordable. Good, because, you know, after that. Mehendi , no one even sees all designed you just removed off. It is just photos, candid pics and everything for my memories and not more than that. Even when you go for your honeymoon.


Needed comes out, you know. So I don’t think it’s better to invest much in a Mehendi. Okay. Now comes the application. Time is. I would better suggest you two apply. I did one day before that event. Your marriage. Just because if you applied to work three days before you always go for bad and everything and that Mehendi removes off, you know it comes out. So it’s better to just plan one day before and also before applying Mehendi do not apply anymore.


Should either because it will never let that oily mess will never let that Mehendi stick to better apply eucalyptus oil or mustard seed oil and just massage even Mehendi wala. Does that massage your hands nicely and then start applying? Okay, that will be more convenient. Now, most of the time there is not any function going on during this Mehendi and nowadays they have those functions at home. But does he do it that you will lose clause? Now you can ask.


A good car that I was okay. I thought that very good. Then can be a good option because you know, you can put it up or you can just wear a maxi dress. That’s really very, very convenient. Nice. So which has, you know, nice heavy maxi dress, but pretty comfortable. OK, so try not to really help you with a lot of and gay parties. If you work a that is much more convenient to tie up your hair very loose, close to not tryng like waters because you will be urging to visit too.


And also or do not like to keep your head open because that may disturb you. Also, do not all of the wash off your hand.


It’s better to remove that from a blind night. That butter knife. Okay, that will be more convenient. And also make sure that you just don’t wash your hands with water. Don’t come in contact with water for at least three to four hours after removing that Mehendi. Just because it will pay. dark and color and just be natural, like, don’t stress yourself.

That is the main point. And these are all the points which I do. I did it just to make you aware. I like to pick a good bridal mehendi artists. What all you should do. I hope you have enjoyed this article. So do click to my Website Findmetop connected for more and more articles. Thank you. Thank you so much for reading. By.


What are Backlinks and Why are They Important

Today at Digital SEO Guru, you're going to learn what backlinks are, why they're important, how you can check them for free and how to get more backlinks to your site. Let's get started. So what are backlinks? backlinks are links from a page on one Web site to another from the receiving end. These are often referred to as incoming links or inbound links. And from the linking side, they're called external, outgoing or outbound links.


Take your pick and there are three reasons why they're important. First, it's a factor that helps Google and other search engines determine which pages should rank the highest for a given query. Second, links to your Web site can send you more visitors through referral traffic.


And third, backlinks can help search engines discover your pages faster. Now, the easiest way to conceptualize backlinks are to think of them as votes when a page receives a back link. It's essentially another web site vouching for the content on the page. In the more votes you get from credible sources, the higher the trust. But not all backlinks are created equal.


At a basic level, there are two things that separate good quality backlinks from the not so great ones. First is topical relevance. Google talks about this in their reasonable search for model, which explains how the likeliness of a link being clicked relates to its importance. So let's say that you have a web page on how to make slime. If you were to label this topic with a category, it would likely fall under a DIY crafts or perhaps something for kids.


Now, assuming this page had to backlinks one from a tech blog and another from a kid's activity blog, the latter would hold more weight since there's higher topical relevance from the page and domain.


Second is authority. Now, when I'm talking about authority, I'm referring to the quality and quantity of backlinks from the referring Web sites and pages. Google places a score on this called Patrick.


But since these numbers aren't publicly available, third party tools like ours use our own proprietary metrics like domain rating, which represents the overall strength of a web site's link, popularity and Eurail rating, which represents the overall strength of a page's link popularity.


To put this into perspective, let's see your slime article.


Got a link from the Huffington Post.


This Web site is highly authoritative with a d.r of ninety two. And let's say you got another link from a lesser known site like Kids Kingdom NCAA, which has a d.r of 17. Based on the definition of domain rating, it's fair to say that the Huffington Post is a more authoritative domain in assuming topical relevance and everything else for equal. A link from HuffPost's would hold more weight than the other one. But let's throw a little twist in here. Let's say that the page from the d.r 17 site linking to you had collected hundreds of links from reputable sources while the article from Huffington Post had only collected a few or maybe even zero backlinks.


Then the page level authority of the Kids Kingdom page measured by HFS you were all rating score would likely be higher, potentially giving it an edge over the Huffington Post link.


So as you're looking to get backlinks, you'd ideally want to get them from both topically relevant and authoritative pages to reap maximum benefits. So how can you check links to your own site?


There are two places you can do this for free. The first is Google search console. If you haven't already set up an account, just go through the verification process to prove that you own the site. Then go to the links reports. Here you can see your pages that have gotten the most links, the web sites that have linked to your site the most, as well as the linked texts that are most frequently used. Also known as anchor text to see the actual web pages linking to you.


Click on the more button here. Then click on a page you want to investigate. So I'll pass on our post on free keyword research tools. You can then click on any of the linking Web sites to see the exact pages where they're linking from. The second way is to use HFS free Backlund checker. Just enter the URL or domain that you want to examine and you'll be able to see the top 100 backlands pointing at your target. And if you want the full backing profile, you can use our tool each off site, explore, export the results, or play around with the filters to narrowly and on data you want to see.


Now looking at your own backlinks can only do so much, but you can also use a trust back on checker or site explorer to get actionable insights on your competitors. Just enter the new URL or domain of a competitor. Go to the backlinks report and you can see where their backings come from, allowing you to get an understanding of how they get backlinks. This brings us to the final part. How do you get backlinks? There are three methods to getting backlinks.


These are to earn them, create them and build them.


Earning links refers to natural organic growth.


This is when people discover your pages through any medium like Google, search social media or word of mouth and choose to link to your page. Creating backlinks is when you add a link on another web site that points to your site. This might be through forums, directories, blog comments or some other method. Finally, our building links and this is usually done through strategies collectively known as link building.


You can build things by reaching out to other site owners, editors or webmasters and ask them to link to your page. As a general rule of thumb, the easier it is to get a link, the less valuable it'll be. And when you're new to FCL, you'll want to focus on link building to really get traction for your site.


Since people search for something and often read the number one result, that results in some of them linking to that page from their own Web site. And because of the new links, that first ranking page often stays at the top. Creating something we call the vicious circle of SVO. Now we have a bunch of step-by-step tutorials on various link building tactics. So I strongly recommend watching them now. And if you have any questions, leave one below in the comments.