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How to Get Any Ringtone for Free!

Today I'm going to be showing you guys how to get any ringtone for free or any part of a song, even if the ringtone isn't in the apps or just part of a song that you like. You can still put it as your ringtone using this trick here. All right, guys. So to do this, you're going to need to have two apps.


They're both free from the app store. So the first one is documents and the second one is garage band. Garage band usually comes installed on iPhones, I'm pretty sure. But documents you'll just have to get from the app store, which is free. It doesn't cost you anything to do. So you're going to go to YouTube and find the song that you want.


After you find the song you want, you're just going to hit the share button and then copy the link. Then you're going to want to go back into documents and on the bottom, right in the little safari tab on the top, you are all you're going to type in convertor and I think it's the first or second one.


Just click until you get the page that looks like this one and then you're gonna paste the link and convert it and then we're gonna download it instead of it being two documents or download.


We're gonna change that to go to club.


And then if we tap the little arrow, we can see how much it's downloaded so far. So once that's downloaded, then we're going to go into the and we're going to add a new one and we're going to do an audio recording. So at the top, when you see the little brick wall, we're gonna tap that. And then at the top, right, we're going to hit that little loop and we're going to go to files. And the thing that we imported should show up here.


If it doesn't show up here, you can hit browse items from the files up and then it should show up here. So you want to fall down on the song and then bring it to the beginning of your GarageBand and the file will import.


And then you can cut it down to where you want it to a certain.


OK, so I've cut myself down to where I wanted to start. And I'm just going to turn off a little metronome at the top so it doesn't have that little tick in there. So after that, we're going to hit my songs and we'll save after we have saved. We're going to go to browse. We are going to hit I Cloud Tri Garage Band. And then this one that I made just now is called my song Six. So we're going to go select Tappet and then we're going to hit the up arrow.


So we're going to hit ringtone and then we can rename it the name of the song. I'm just going to call it ten thousand hours and then we're going to export.


Then you sound as standard ringtone. Then if we go into settings and check. It should say ten thousand hours for the ringtone. So this is a good way if you don't want to have to spend a dollar on a ring tone or, you know, you're going to want to change it soon anyways. I'm honestly not sure if this works on Android phones. I've only tried it on Apple because the only technology brand I really use is Apple.


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