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Sony WH-CH710N: Affordable AI-driven noise cancelling headphones

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all-pervasive and has a distinct role to play in noise-cancelling devices and mind you, there is hell lot of technology and science involved in making perfect noise cancelling wearables.

Artificial Intelligence Noise cancellation (AINC) technology in Sony WH-CH710N headphones constantly analyses environmental ambient sound components, and automatically selects the most effective noise cancelling mode for users' surroundings.

Available for Rs 9,990 in India, the headphones are yet another addition to the affordable list of products from the Japanese tech giant.

Here is what we feel after using the latest Sony product for a couple of days.

In terms of design, the headphones scores decent marks. It features the trademark Sony headset look.

There is hardly any metal on this wearable. The ear cups are comfortable and one can easily enjoy music for 3 to 4 hours without any issue. The headphones are also quite light.

The bottom edges of the earcups house all the buttons and ports. The left ear cup offers the power/pairing button, with the USB-C charging port and 3.5mm port. On the right, there is a volume rocker and the pause button.

There is another button to switch on ambient sound and this also activates noise cancelling.

The pause button on the long press brings up the voice assistant.

The headset uses microphones on the outside to analyse and cancel out the ambient noise. One can also have noise-canceling either fully on or off.

There is also an ambient mode that lets users listen to surrounding sound by piping in certain frequencies through the speakers while still reducing some of the noise.

We found the noise-canceling performance pretty good.

The Sony WH-CH710N supports Bluetooth 5.0 with NFC. It connects with previously paired devices as soon as you turn it on, which is convenient. Bluetooth connectivity works well under its operating range.

Be it low, medium or high volumes, the output was clear and vibrant. The audio output was also well-balanced.

While playing Call of Duty, the sound of footsteps, gunshots or the conversation was loud and clear. The microphone performed well and was good enough while making phone calls or just in-game chats.

However, the wearable was average in terms of comfort, neither plush nor particularly deep, although it has soft and oval shaped earpads.

The CH710N claims a rated battery life of 35 hours and an hour of use after just 10-minutes of charge. Well, it was just about there.

Conclusion: Sony WH-CH710N comes with wireless connectivity, AI-driven noise cancelling and good audio quality at a reasonable price point.



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